gay love

From Madrid, Spain to Nesjavellir, Iceland, here are the best wedding photos on Insta

Love is a powerful thing. It knows no color, no gender, no religion. And these couples around the globe are going to prove you this. Are you going to see 19 newlyweds? But they are not just simple couples because they are in same-sex relationship! But how happy they are! Just have a look at all of them!

1 Madrid, Spain

2 Francavilla al Mare, Italy

3 Ile-de-France, France

4 Antwerp, Belgium

5 Vienna, Austria

6 Les Cols, Spain

7 Nesjavellir, Iceland

8 Castello di Monselice, Italy

9 Denver, Colorado

10 Brasilia, Brazil

11 Brest, France

12 Valencia, Spain

13 Paris, France

14 Bordeaux, France

15 Mannington Gardens, England

16 New Haven, Connecticut

17 Toronto, Canada

18 Amsterdam, Netherlands

19 Carmel-By-Sea, California

It is a proof how true love is born!