In an age where progress is vital, especially the progress, or rather change of human principles and perceptions, there are teens who lead a revolutionary movement to eliminate prejudices and reach teens that are alike and encourage them.

They are the teens of America, and they stand for eliminating stigma, for acceptance and positive non-conformism. They speak for freedom and equality and don’t care for gender norms.

A study conducted by J. Howard Thompson’s Innovation Group revealed that more than a half teens know people who use gender neutral pronouns, another third think gender is non-definitive and less than a half, that is 48%, consider themselves completely heterosexual.

The LGBTQA community is richer with these iconic teens in America who support everything related to the rights of people to be who they are, dress how they want, love who they love in defiance of gender norms.

5. Jaden Smith

gay teen
He is famous and he makes publicly his expansive opinions and lifestyle. –

Will Smith’s son doesn’t care about gender norms, he said it and he express it through the way he’s dressing and his expansive way of thinking. He likes wearing both men and women’s clothes and he thinks that there should not even be labels, just clothes, simple. Why is he a representative of Queerness? Well, he is famous and he makes publicly his expansive opinions and lifestyle.

4. Casey Hockey

gay teen
He is a voice, he fights for LGBTQA’s rights and he is out there. –

Hockey is a transgender activist, part of GLSEN Student Ambassador program that aims to educate the public regarding LGBTQA community. He is a student at California State Polytechnic Institute of Pomona and he’s opened about his work and transition. He writes for a famous online publication about his journey as a transgender man. He is a voice, he fights for LGBTQA’s rights and he is out there.

3. Leo Sheng

Leo is a transgender guy and he documented his transition on his Instagram account. In the hope that he is going to be a role model of trans people in America, Leo speaks about trans problems in mass-media. He has his own YouTube channel with a lot of followers. He’s not afraid to be out there, speaking to the whole world.

“Two years ago, I took another big chance and began sharing my journey on Instagram, so I’m basically out to the entire world (or, rather, those who follow me). I’d made a few videos before, but I didn’t really have a big audience, so I didn’t think many people were watching. As of today, I have more than 40,000 followers on Instagram.”

2. Rickey Thompson

Rickey is an actor and his work addresses his identity as a guy who likes guys. His YouTube channel has 279,099 subscribers and he’s also has a show with his good friend Lohanthony about guys dating guys. The show’s called  “Lohanthony & Rickey’s Guide to Dating.”

1. Anthony “Lohanthony” Quintal

gay teen
He came out as bisexual. –

He has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and he often refers to subject related to sexual identity. He came out as bisexual, and as you might have read above, he has a boys-dating-boys show with Rickey Thompson.

These teenagers speak for everyone out there who is gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer or androgynous.

These teenagers reaching out to a big audience out there matter in a world where hate and stigma are still a problem for the LGBTQA community.