British Council and BFI, a charity promoting film culture are collaborating this year for Five Films For Freedom project.

British Council and BFI promote film culture. –

The charity organized the first LGBT Festival Film in 2015 and gave free online access to five short films for everyone around the world. Millions of people reacted positively and they took over the social media with the hashtag #FiveFilms4Freedom.

illions of people reacted positively and they took over the social media with the hashtag #FiveFilms4Freedom. –

This is the second year for the LGBT film-festival and another five movies will be available online, free of charge for people around the world. London’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Film Festival will happen between 16-27 March 2016.

BFI announced the 5 movies that will go live March 16th and we’ve got their plot as presented by the British Council. Spread the news and use the hashtag for love and equality #FiveFilms4Freedom.

SWIRL sees two girls, young and in love, moving backwards through the city in Petersen Vargas’ lyrical short from the Philippines.

XAVIER, from Brazilian director Ricky Mastro, follows a father who notices that his 11-year-old son pays a lot of attention to the older boys.

11-year-old son pays a lot of attention to the older boys. –

BREATHE, from British-Irish filmmaker James Doherty, is about an Irish traveller who is increasingly concerned that his son is ‘soft’, so sets about toughening him up.

TAKE YOUR PARTNERS, from Scottish director Siri Rodnes, finds young Ollie expected to make an Easter bonnet like the other girls. But Ollie is not like the other girls.

THE ORCHID watches a man who has something important to tell his son, but can only get through to his voicemail in this film by Spanish director Ferran Navarro-Beltrán.

I personally cannot wait to watch these amazing movies that all seem incredibly interesting and deep. I just heard that the main themes are related to acceptance and identity.

The films will be available On Thursday 17 March 2016 through the British Council website or the BFI’s online player.

You have an opportunity to watch a trailer to the film Xavier by Ricky Mastro: