Do you remember our post about such a hunk as Nyle DiMarco who appeared almost nude in underwear during his photo session?

Yep, he is extremely hunky dude! You can’t stop admiring his muscle body, charming smile and sparkling eyes.

Being America’s Next Top Model contestant Nyle DiMarco made a history because he became the first deaf contestant in the show’s 22 cycles. Some time later he found the way to attract more people to his personality coming out as sexualy “fluid.”

One of ANTM fans Kike Garces Tweeted at DiMarco and asked him: “Nyle you have so much gays fans! Tell us, boys or girls?” The answer was: “Fluid,” and a link to an Everyday Feminism article entitled, “How Fluid Sexuality Fits into the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum ” was attached.

Now we are going to share with you some photos of Nile-the-perfect and you will guess why we are so excited:

Who wanna play with Nyle doll?

Who wanna him wet?

Sweat like a pig to look gorgeous

Who would like to start morning with Nyle-the-charming?

Dude in red!

What can be better than holidays?


He looks like Apollo


We can’t stop admiring this body!

Just hunks!



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