Would you consider going out and getting a tattoo to support marriage equality, or perhaps one that symbolizes indigenous health? Well, Greg Inglis considered it and actually had it done. Inglis, an Australian professional rugby player, decided to get a couple of new tattoos in support of both indigenous health and marriage equality. Then he showed them off on Instagram, receiving much applause by advocacy groups and generating enormous buzz!

Greg Inglis tattoo
via: starobserver

One tattoo is a dotted symbol to support One Disease, which is an advocacy group for indigenous health, and the other tattoo is an equal sign, commonly recognized for the support of marriage equality.

So How Random Is This Act?

First and foremost, Inglis currently has a knee injury and is sitting out until he’s healed enough to jump back in the game, but until then he’s making news anyway. Secondly, the group One Disease is running a campaign called #InkForGood, to bring awareness and raise funds for fighting scabies in Indigenous communities. The rugby star told his followers they should visit One Disease’s website, as it was a complete eye-opener.

Greg Inglis tattoo


Also, Inglis’s “equal sign” tattoo comes on the heels of the announcement made in July by the National Rugby League (NRL) in support of reform regarding marriage equality. Advocacy groups are applauding the NRL over this, especially after a letter was sent by them to Australian Marriage Equality, letting them know they wanted to join an ongoing list of organizations and businesses that are supporting reform.

Suzanne Young is the Chief Operating Officer of the National Rugby League and she said that one of the league’s core values is “inclusiveness.” Therefore she has worked with the league to enact certain policies and procedures to not only recognize, but to support the LGBTI community and the very fact that they have rights. One of their broader goals includes removing homophobia. The league’s stance is an actual reflection of the Australian society’s increasing support of marriage equality, which is gaining massive momentum across the country.

In your support of these groups, would you get ink and show it off on Instagram and Twitter?