Do you remember the story of Eric and Dylan? Do you want to know what happened next? So, they were at Eric’s house.

…Dylan was defiantly sweaty now, as was Eric. They were both tangled around each other. Dylan started to kiss his way down Eric’s chest to his bellybutton, where he didn’t stop. He went all the way down until Eric’s entire body tightened and then went limp. Dylan stood up and started to get his clothes back on while Eric laid there catching his breath.

gay love
He went all the way down until Eric’s entire body tightened and then went limp. –

After they were both dressed, neither of them had any interest in the movie anymore. Eric offered to go ahead and take Dylan home. And as always, Dylan got home and went straight to his laptop. Before he opened it, his phone started to vibrate. It was a text from Eric! He started reading.

“Hey, I just wanted to ask you, are you interested in being my boyfriend? I know it might be too soon after you and Daniel but I really like you and have for a long time. Shoot me a text when you get this, or not. Anyways, I had a good time with you today, we should definitely stay friends (with benefits) if nothing else. Dylan was so excited he couldn’t breathe! He started to text him back and stopped. He didn’t want to sound desperate or needy. So he started over.

gay texting
He started to text him back and stopped. –

“Hey Eric. I had a nice time with you as well. And Daniel who? Lol. I have liked you for a long time too. I think it would be nice to be your boyfriend. I like that your open about it. We should definitely get together again soon. Does this mean we are “Official”?

Eric’s reply was that yes they were now “Official” and he wanted him to come for dinner the same night. Dylan said that he would be there. Dylan ended up spending the night and they were both late for class the next morning because they stayed up most of the night talking and laughing which felt great for Dylan because he had been so sad for so long. He finally felt happy again. Finally.

They had been together for 6 months when Eric asked Dylan to move in with him. Of course Dylan said yes and started to pack. He told his roommates that he was moving out and paid them the last month’s rent so that they weren’t out any. When Eric brought in the last of Dylan’s boxes, he knelt down and asked Dylan if he would marry him. Like a small child, he started to cry and told Eric yes, as long as he promised to love him forever.

gays live together
They had two dogs, both male, both gay. –

Now they were both happy, graduated from school and working hard with their degree’s. They had two dogs, both male, both gay (they liked to think) and an adoption application pending. They both finally had the life that every gay man dreams about.