BBC radio presenter Iain Lee has left his shoe on the BBC Three Counties Radio breakfast show following a humiliating apology for calling an anti-LGBT group “bigots”.

In an astonishing and quick turn of events, the BBC issued an apology on Lee’s behalf after an interview with Libby Powell of Christian Concern and The Christian Legal Center turned heated.

Iain Lee
“In an astonishing and quick turn of events, the BBC issued an apology on Lee’s behalf” –

Discussing news of a prison gardener who claimed he was facing religious oppression after losing his job for preaching repentance of homosexuality to inmates, Powell said that homosexuality is a sin. Lee countered with the question: “Do you support bigotry?”

Powell tried to plead her case by arguing that saying homosexuality is a sin isn’t the same thing as bigotry, but Lee continued, saying “Homophobia is bigotry. Do you support bigotry?”

He continued in this vein later in the interview, when she tried to defend her views. On hearing her espouse Bible teachings that are considered anti-LGBT, he said that she had “chosen not to question it, because [she is] a bigot.”

Iain Lee
“Homophobia is bigotry. Do you support bigotry?” –

The Christian Legal Center wasted no time in making hay from this altercation, asking its supports to mobilize and complain about Lee’s behavior, and lo, the BBC issues the apology.

Not long after that, Lee announced on Twitter that he would be leaving the show, saying “Thanks everyone. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. See you sometime in the future. X”

Christian Concern has been vilified for its anti-LGBT statements in the past, claiming the sex education that includes discussions of sexuality is a “Trojan Horse” that is attempting to “normalize sexual activity outside marriage between a man and a woman”.

They have also claimed that Stonewall is an “ideological propaganda machine” that is designed to attack families.

This appears to be another case of an anti-LGBT organisation that has become sophisticated enough to play the “freedom of speech” card as well as attempt to paint this as an ideological crusade, instead of a fight for equality in the face of utter contempt and disgust from bigots. It’s saddening that the BBC have played right into their hands.