preconceptions about gays

We have all been there. Whenever something new appears that society is not used to and has difficult times accepting it, preconceptions is what you will encounter the most. This is because people are not ready to accept the facts. The LGBT community is probably the most susceptible to preconceptions, so here are the most stupid ones that some people still hold about gays:

preconceptions about gays

1. Gays are more likely to be pedophiles too, than straight people are.

Well isn’t this stupid? The fact is that not only this was a common belief for a large portion of the history, but being gay was also associated with being a pedophile. Nowadays, they are “more likely to be pedophiles too”. This is a myth and it has been debunked by psychologists many times in the past.

2. Gays have been abused as kids, which is why they are what they are

Either abused or having been subjected to a poor sexual family education. The fact that homosexuality is a mental disorder isn’t new and many still support this idea, despite the actual facts. No study has ever being able to link homosexuality and parental education or childhood abuses.

3.  No one is born gay

We agree that science has yet to decide what determines a person’s sexual orientation, but increasingly more studies show that it is a mix between biological and environmental factors. Of course, if you accept that, you can no longer be a gay hater properly, which is why some people still don’t accept this position.

4. Gays can become straight if they want to.

preconceptions about gays

This is actually a preconception coming from so called “ex-gay” religious organizations saying that a bit of a therapy, combined with religious teachings should solve the problem. Actually, there have been some therapies in the past and several gays even went straight as a result. The problem was that they were still experiencing sexual attraction towards the same gender. Yea…

5. Homosexuality is not natural

Umm…wrong. The “natural order” that people supporting this theory are talking about was actually proven to “promote” sexual acts among almost all animal species. Actually 10% of all animals are exclusively homosexual. How about that?

6. Homosexuality can degenerate in bestiality and group-marriage

This is as stupid as the pedophilia argument. Aside from the fact that this is an unrealistic argument which is not supported by actual evidence, the government would never allow human-animal marriages. Another fail…

7. Gays are more promiscuous than straight individuals

preconceptions about gays

Again, completely unrelated to the actual facts. There has been no serious experiment that would suggest or support such theory. That doesn’t stop people from believing it…

8. Gays are attracted to every people of the same sex

If that would be the case, it would also be true for straight persons. And it most like is. When socializing, as straight individuals, we always include a certain sexual aspect in our social relations. It is the way humans work. It is the way gays work. That doesn’t mean they fall in love with everyone. That is just…stupid.

9. Lesbians are the way they are because of bad experiences with men

Well…wrong. Actually, lesbians are lesbians because that is what they are. I know most men cannot accept this, but it is as simple as that.

10. Gays have poor parenting skills, compared to straight people

preconceptions about gays

Actually, the American Psychological Associations conducted researches trying to establish precisely that and the result was negative. There is no difference between gays and straights when it comes to parenting skills.


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