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Enjoy your fabulous trip!

Planning a trip is an assiduous process regardless the sexual orientation, but as we already know, for the LGBT community things can sometimes be harder,even when it comes to planning a trip. Ok, not that hard, but there are some tips that could make your trip even more exciting. Let’s go trough 10 tips to plan your trip nice and easy!

  1. Book the accommodation on LGBT specific sites.
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Don’t worry, there are many great gay friendly hotels. –

We have a list of 10 gay-friendly hotels that you can check on our site, but if you want to book a hotel consider using sites like World Rainbow Hotels, so you can know for sure that you will have a friendly stay. Don’t worry, there are many great gay friendly hotels.

2. Use gay travel guides. When you plan a trip, accommodation is not the only concern. First of all, you must choose a destination. There are special guides (Damron and Spartacus) that will let you know about gay-friendly destinations, bars, restaurants and places you can visit.

3. Research the destination. Of course, the main thing about a trip is having a good time and visiting places, but you might want to look on the Internet for the LGBT issues around the area you’re travelling. Read about the attitude of the community there towards to same-sex sexual activity, recognition of same-sex relationships, same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption, anti-discrimination (Sexual orientation) and laws regarding gender identity/expression (Check on Wikipedia).

Look for gay-bars and coffee shops in the area. Gay bars will always offer a gay traveler more than another bar could.

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There are happy-hours, extra drinks, and events that you don’t want to miss –

There are happy-hours, extra drinks, and events that you don’t want to miss like Lesbian Dance Night or Rainbow Parties.

For more fun, book a LGBT trip. There are companies that organize LGBT targeted trips and they make sure the whole package fits for anyone in the LGBT community. This way you won’t have to follow the other steps (or you’ll just go through for a plus of information). Travelling with a group of LGBT people will be a great experience.

Travel in the highest ranked gay cities. There are gay-friendly places and less gay-friendly places. To have an idea about the destinations that welcome diversity better than others, check the lists of the friendliest gay cities in the world. Tel-Aviv, Madrid, New York, Rio de Janerio are among the best LGBT friendly cities. There are more, you just have to make a brief research.

For a change, try places that are not listed among the friendliest gay cities. Ok, tip 6 is in contradiction with tip 7.

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We love diversity –

But we love diversity, and you might be surprised that you can find gay-friendly bars in places like Luanag Prabang (in Laos) and Amman, Jordan.

If you travel in a city that is not listed among the ones that embrace diversity, no worries. In this case you have to follow the first 4 tips: book a hotel on a LGBT travel website, research the destination’s laws regarding same-sex couples/activity, sexual identity and check for gay places around the city.

Contact the LGBT community in the area. In case you encounter difficulties of any kind contact the local LGBT center. Many cities have a LGBT center that could help you in case of unexpected issues.

Get inspiration from gay travel blogs. If you don’t have inspiration for an upcoming trip, boost your imagination and read some gay travel blogs. I am sure you’ll discover new and interesting facts directly from those who have traveled around the world.

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Get inspiration from gay travel blogs –

Enjoy your fabulous trip!

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