15 Famous Actors We Desperately Wish Were Gay or Bisexual

15 Famous Actors We Desperately Wish Were Gay or Bisexual

James Corden

While it’s true a greater number of actors seem to be kicking down the closet door every year, many of the men in Hollywood who fuel our fantasies happen to be straight.

Of course that doesn’t stop us from hoping that somewhere, just maybe, possibly in an alternate universe (or this one) we might have a shot.

(Hey, a guy can dream, right?)

There are literally hundreds of straight men in Hollywood today who have us wishing on a heterosexual star – and that’s part of the fun of the big and small screens.

So in our ongoing celebration of National Coming Out Day, here are just a few of famous actors we desperately wish were something other than straight.

1. Rami Malek

RamiThe breakout star of Mr. Robot has officially hacked our hearts. Quirky never looked so cute.

2. Mike Colter

MikeColterMarvel’s Luke Cage in the flesh is the yummy hero we’ve been holding out for.

3. Oscar Isaac

OscarLet’s not pretend Oscar Isaac doesn’t raise our body temperature every time he’s on screen. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing one of the good guys in a galaxy far, far away or the biggest bad boy on the planet.

4. Nick Jonas

NickWe’ve been swooning over the sexy JoBro since the moment he went solo and his continuous outspoken support of LGBTQ issues has only made him that much hotter. Yeah, we know. He’s such a tease.

5. Henry Cavill

CavillWhether he’s wearing a big red cape or walking the biggest red carpet, Henry Cavill is a real-life Man of Steel – and he’s got the shirtless Instagram photos to prove it.

6. Steven Yeun

YeunThe Walking Dead star has us convinced the quiet, shy guy next door is exactly the kind of stud we’d want to have by our side during the zombie apocalypse.

7. Zac Efron

zackOur former favorite pupcake is now a full-fledged beefcake who keeps us thirsty by regularly ditching his clothes on camera.

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