For many people tattoos reflect a deeper connection regarding their personal identity and it’s no surprise that the LGBT community is a very strong and liberating cause. Coming out of the closet that be very difficult especially when you have a closed minded family, today we’ll be looking at some awesome LGBT tattoo ideas you can wear with pride you can show off to the world!

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender is an excellent force for wanting to get a tattoo, these days equal rights is still limited for the LGBT community when it comes to marriage which hopefully will soon be a thing of the last. Today these 15 LGBT Tattoo Ideas You Can Wear With Pride are all inspiring and showcase stunning artwork!

The pixel rainbow tatoo

This geeky pixel rainbow.

The equality tattoo.

This simple equality tattoo.

The simple triangle with rainbow combination

This simple triangle and rainbow combination that incorporates two symbols.

The watercolor tattoo with love

This gorgeous watercolor tattoo.

The colored bird tattoo.

This rainbow colored bird tattoo.

The minimalist sex tatoo

This minimalist sex/gender tattoo.

The rainbow barcode.

This rainbow barcode.

The truthful statement.

This truthful statement.

watercolor explosion

This watercolor explosion of pride.

The equality tattoo.

This LGBT+ equality tattoo.

The lesbian relationship

This lesbian relationship ink.

The rainbow tattoo.

This elegant rainbow tattoo

The tiny triangle tattoo.

This tiny triangle.

The teensy equal sign

This teensy equal sign on the ring finger.

The rainbow in heart

And these matching pride tattoos.

We hope you enjoyed this tatoo. Have a colorful day! 🙂

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