Pride is a month that calls for celebration and that’s something the LGBT community definitely knows how to do.

But as well as celebrating and fighting for our freedom and protection, we are also really good at being funny at Pride.
Especially when it comes to combining Pride and comedy, we’re undoubtedly the best at creating some hysterical signs that will make you laugh harder than you should.

Here are a few of our favourite funny signs from 2017 so far:

1. A lot of people made fun of the President and his wig-like hair

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2. But also his personality in general

3. Some people used Pride as an opportunity to find a partner


4. Meme signs are always a good way to have a chuckle

5. And plenty of RuPaul references always tickle our sides

6. Vice president Mike Pence is as harsh on Grindr as he is in real life…


7. Because every LGBT person loves Cher, and misses Obama


8. This sexual response to “Mr Drumpf’s wall”


9. A spin on the Mary Poppins classic

10. We wish everything was drag


11. If only the November elections had a different outcome

12. The new LGBT icon on the block, the Babadook


13. We wonder what orange boy they’re talking about…

14. Mean girls + Paul Ryan = the perfect combination


15. The gay agenda is everybody’s favourite agenda

17. An alternative Kellyanne Conway


18. Because executive orders aren’t quite silly enough yet


19. Well… probably?


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