Thanks for the memories.

Prom season is here: High school students across America have designed elaborate promposals, saved up their pennies and squeezed into formalwear for a magical evening of memory-making. And increasingly, proms have become inclusive of LGBT kids.

Below are heart-tugging photos of queer students and their friends and allies, all gussied up for the big night.

Prom 2017

Indianapolis’s North Central high school crowned 17-year-old Alan Belmont as their first-ever transgender prom king this year. He’s pictured here with his girlfriend and prom date Anastacia Cohen.

“I wanted young kids at my school, who are trans or maybe gay or just coming into their identity, to know that being LGBT doesn’t have to be a cripple and that being LGBT is something that you should be proud of and you should represent,” Belmont told local news outlet Wish17.

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One day you're gonna wake up and you're going to realize that you have to accept who you are. You're going to realize that there's no point in pretending to be someone you aren't bc while life is the longest thing we experience, it's still goes by so fast. I was never told that being gay was wrong, and I've never thought that either, but it was still difficult for me to accept that I wasn't straight. I know I have it pretty easy compared to a lot of people, but it can still be scary to come out to people bc you don't just come out once. I'm thankful I have amazing friends, and that the family members I have told have been amazing, and that there are tons of supportive people online, and I'm thankful for my girlfriend most of all. I went from not believing that love that wasn't platonic was even real and that relationships were a waste of time, mainly bc I didn't believe anyone could love me, to going to taking silly gay prom pictures in public. Life gets a whole lot better once you accept who you are -Jen

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Hm gay?️‍? #QueerProm

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