26-Year-Old ‘Plastic Surgery Addict’ Has Spent Thousands To Triple Size Of His...

26-Year-Old ‘Plastic Surgery Addict’ Has Spent Thousands To Triple Size Of His Bum

Joey's bum before and after
Joey's bum before and after

Joey Prixx, a 26-year-old plastic surgery addict, has spent nearly $60,000 on over 100 cosmetic procedures, totaling around 150 hours of cosmetic surgery, to get the ‘perfect’ face and bum.

Prixx, a piercing artist from Boston, says the cosmetic surgeries have been “a huge part” of his life for the last five years.

He underwent a butt implant procedure earlier this year, opting for the biggest silicone implants allowed for his tiny frame, increasing its size threefold. The painful operation meant he couldn’t sit down for six weeks.

plastic surgery“I had 350cc silicone implants inserted through either sides of my bum crack, they’re the largest I could have without them being specially made due to my body size,” he explains. “They feel like two huge water balloons, it feels really cool sitting down now.”

He calls it his “fake bubble butt” and he loves it.

splitallison“Those who know me know I’m on a journey of building what I see as perfect & I love what I’ve done with my blank canvas, & I live to spread the message of “be you”,” he said.

“I love that so much of me is fake. I love that I sparkle from all angles. I love that I make people feel better about themselves ? I am so happy with who I am, what I do for others & where life has brought me.”

“I can’t wait to be back to work helping you all on your very own body modification journeys.”

Prixx had two nose jobs, he’s had the sweat glands under his arms removed, and every 1-3 months, he has his lips done and gets Botox injections in his face. Every 6-12 months, he gets cheekbone fillers.

“What can I say? My motto is ‘plastic is fantastic’. I’m now saving up for another nose job to improve my bridge and I’d like to double the size of my bum implants,” he says.

Joey’s face before and after

Here’s a list of Prixx’s surgeries:50 sessions of Botox for forehead, crows feet, brows, nose and chin. 25 lip procedures 15 cheekbone fillers Five nose procedures Two brow lifts One sweat gland removal One upper arm tattoo removal One set of bum implants

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