It’s hard to keep up with which Winter Olympic star is making our face sweat and our pants tighten, it seems to change each day. Let’s focus on the man of the moment: American luger Chris Mazdzer.

First it was Adam Rippon, then Gus Kenworthy and now Chris. And rightfully so. The 29-year-old, who hails from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, made history during the 2018 Winter Olympics on Sunday, when he won silver in the Men’s Single Luge, becoming our first U.S. single’s luge medalist ever.


Let’s celebrate his win by showcasing just why everyone is so damn thirsty over him. First, it was his Olympic uniform that got us all hot and bothered, but there’s so much more, including a video of him jumping into freezing water with nothing but a pair of brightly colored underwear on.


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I took this picture right after walking home from the track after a less than ideal race. Even after an hour I could still feel the anger, frustration and disappointment deep inside and it was still coming through my eyes. What kills me on the inside is not the fact I made a few small mistakes, what kills me and has been driving me wild for over a year now is the fact that no matter what I do my top speed and ability to be with the top guys in the world has disappeared, and I don’t know why. (Also probably the fact that I really care) There comes a point where giving it everything you have and believing in yourself starts to fade away and I am almost to that point. For some reasons unknown to myself, things are not working out as planned. Why keep pushing on then? Well, for starters I still believe in myself and am confident with my sliding and starts. I am not someone to walk a way during a struggle although this struggle seems to be getting the best of me… Finally, there is no way I can give up with the biggest race of my life being just weeks away and even though the last thing I want to do right now is think about Luge, that’s what I am going to do this afternoon. There is a light somewhere in this dark cave that I feel like I am stumbling aimlessly through at times and you better damn believe I’m going to find it. Thank you to everyone who has always believed in me, I want you to know that you always help me get through the tough times and I am looking forward to sleighing the future ??? I thought about waiting to post this until after laying down and contemplating things over but writing that actually felt very cathartic. Screw it, post!

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