Actor Ryan Phillippe shared some shirtless Instagram snaps from his photo shoot for Men’s Fitness in March, proving to his fans that he’s still got it at 42 years young!

Last week, however, one of his female admirers asked the actor how it’s possible for him to be “so old and so hot.”

Phillippe responded by tweeting, “one of life’s great mysteries… so old, so hot… I’m like the sun.”

That’s when the fan responded: ” If you are the sun, I like to sunbathe.”

Fans defended their ‘hot’ idol:


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  1. Old I would love to be the fly on the wall and watch all the said people reach that one age were they think omg I’m so old my life is over … get a fracking grip …. the guy is a handsome man who works hard keeping in good form well done him

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