body language moves

His eyebrows talk as much as he does – or you do

body language moves

You’re talking to a guy at the bar you like. You’re not sure if he’s into you, but the conversation is flowing. You like to talk, so you’re being effusive, telling him stories. He’s laughing. Is he just being friendly? Suddenly, his eyebrows flash upwards. You notice that he’s doing this a lot. On closer inspection, his nostrils are flaring, he’s tilted his head, and his mouth has parted open ever so slightly.

He’s interested. If he starts grooming himself, you’re onto a winner.

Follow his feet

body language

If you’re with a group and the guy you like is giving off all the signs, but you’re not sure if he’s into you or your excessively flirtatious friend standing next to him, watch his feet. Guys point with their feet, so if they’re pointing in your direction, he’s effectively doing the same, even if he looks like he’s flirting back at your friend. He might just be covering up his attraction to you with misdirection… If his feet are pointing the same way he’s facing though, move on, quickly.

Showing off the goods

body language moves

Guys have this unconscious need to show off when they’re attracted to someone, and as we know, we men are all obsessed with our nether regions. So if a guy you’re talking to straightens his back, puffs out his chest and sucks in his stomach, he’s presenting, basically. Saying, “Get a load of this”. However, if he puts his hands on his hips and leans back a little, pushing his crotch out, then he’s undeniably looking to take you home to his place tonight…

Like looking in a mirror

body language moves

Human beings have a tendency to “mirror” each other, unconsciously, when we’re attracted. So if the guy you’re chatting props his elbow on the bar and rests his hand on his chin when you do, if he stands up straight just after you have, or if he plays with his hair the same way as you, he might not be telling you externally that he’s interested, but his unconscious is yelling, “I want you!”

Want to test this? Make a deliberate gesture or body language movement and see if he follows. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll come across as a creep – too over the top and the illusion will shatter and his unconscious will become aware of what you’re up to and react.

He’ll invade your space

body language moves

Seriously. Some guys do this regardless. They’re talking to you and they’re Right. Up. Here. In your face, almost nose to nose. What’s that about? So if it seems over the top or intrusive, he’s probably just got a lack of understanding of boundaries, and maybe you should back up a few paces.

However, if he gets in closer to your personal space, not too much, just a little, in combination with any of the above signals, this guy is hella into you. It’s conspiratorial, like you’re in on it together – this is a conversation between you and he, and no one else.

If you’re feeling particularly confident, match the amount of space he’s covered and bring the two of you even closer – you’ll signal the interest is mutual, and move things into an almost erotic space immediately.

Above all else, it’s worth remembering that while he might try to cover up his attraction to you with his words, his body cannot lie, so look for the signals he’s putting out there if you’re not sure!

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