The old saying “I love a man in uniform” has never gotten out of fashion, and, according to very accurate and in-depth research, people love cosplay. Don’t believe us? Just Google it.
I mean, considering just how good some male cosplayers look, it’s no wonder people love it.

Today, we have a bunch of guys whose cosplay game is absolutely spot on, and we can honestly say they are Insta-kings!

1. Keith Kelley (@faceable)

2. Jake (@jtscosplay)

3. Andrew McLean (@webheadedhero)

4. Jonathan Belle (@jonathanbelle)

5. Tony Ray (@kaldur)

6. Leo Bane (@leobane)

7. Luigi Shiraga (@superxluigi)

8. Swaggy Cosplayer (@swaggycosplayer)

9. Yusuf Daza (@yusufdaza)


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