Thousands of people rallied in the streets of Warsaw yesterday for an annual Equality Parade.

It is believed that up to 13,000 people came out for the Polish parade, despite the stigmatism against the LGBT community in the country.

As well as the LGBT community, other marginalised groups are celebrated in the parade.

It was the 17th parade to be held in the country.

The parade went without incident although in the past LGBT marches have faced violent protest from far-right people.

The event was coined a “great success” by organisers.

Here are some of our favourite photographs from the event:

1. The crowds were out in full for the celebrations


2. The signs were brilliant, as you’d expect


3. This extra large flag for an extra brilliant celebration


4. A beautiful couple


5. A stylish couple

6. These crowds with a sea of Pride flags

Poland-pride7. A couple proud of their love

8. This gigantic rainbow flag being carried by marchers

Poland-pride9. And finally this group of people who are proud of their sexuality



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