Esther the Wonder Pig is teaching people “that families come in all shapes and sizes.”

A gay couple is spreading love and acceptance with images of their adorable pet pig.

Meet Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter, and Esther, their 650lb bundle of joy.

Jenkins and Walter adopted Esther in 2012, after a friend told them about a five-pound micro piglet she couldn’t care for because she just had twins. They couple took Esther in, settling her into their home in Georgetown, a small hamlet in Ontario, with their two dogs, three cats, and two turtles.

The guys assumed having Esther would be like owning a third dog. But one day, the vet noticed Esther’s cropped tail and told them it was a sign she was actually livestock—and that Esther could grow to be at least 250 pounds. She grew much larger than that, but so did the couple’s love for her.

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Walter realized Esther’s star quality after starting a Facebook page for in 2013.

“We started receiving so many daily messages from adults telling us that Esther’s antics and smiles were able to help them with life’s challenges and that when they shared a video or picture with their children, they too smiled and laughed,” he said.

Their unique family has attracted a huge following on social media and Jenkins and Walkers have even written a children’s book, The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig. “One of the primary messages we want to get through to readers of all ages is that families come in all shapes and sizes,” Jenkins told the Advocate.

The couple says Esther’s social media posts also help parents talk to their children about same-sex couples. “We have heard from parents who say that they are able to show their child that it was okay to have same-sex parents, that ’Esther has two dads, too.’”

When they receive negative comments, they guys respond “with kindness and compassion,” says Walter.

“If they are followers, they’ve obviously missed something, as they aren’t getting the message. Because, despite their opinions, at the end of the day, we’ll still be gay.”

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