Rev Philip Clements, 78, tied the knot to his male model partner Florin Marin, 24, in a small ceremony at Ramsgate Registry Office on Tuesday.

The couple exchanged vows in the presence of two guests before being declared Mr and Mr Marin-Clements.

“Is it real? Has it happened? Is it a dream? It’s a special day,” Philip said after the ceremony.

His new husband didn’t seem to share the same sentiment, calling it just a “normal day”.

“It doesn’t change absolutely nothing (sic),” said Florin. “Our life will be the same as it was yesterday but it’s been a nice day.”

Shortly after the couple went public with their engagement in March, they have called on the Church of England to change its policy on same-sex marriage.

In February 2014, the House of Bishops declared that clergy cannot enter same-sex marriages, but they do allow civil partnerships if you are willing to remain celibate.

Philip said: “I think the Church of England should be more consistent.

“If it expects people, clergy, to live with a same gender partner without intimacy, i.e. be celibate, I think there’s something a little bit unsatisfactory about that and it puts a strain on both partners.”

Watch the ceremony below:


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