A gay couple has become the first same-sex pairing to adopt a child in Germany.

The two men from Berlin got married on October 2nd, the day after gay marriage was officially legal in the country, and have now earned the screening to adopt as well.

Michael and Kai Korok are now happy to be the official parents of adopted two-year-old Maximilian.

The two have known the child since birth as they took him in as his foster parents. Then, after Germany legalized gay marriage and gave gay couples equal rights in adoption, they took the legal responsibility over the child.

What took them so long after their marriage? Well, it took the Berlin Kreuzberg district court till October 10th to approve of their application for adoption says the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany.

When asked about the happy occasion, Michael Korok said, “It is a wonderful feeling to be jointly registered as parents.”

In addition, Markus Ulrich from the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany told Gay Star News that everyone is overjoyed for the earning of rights for same-sex couples.

“We are feeling really emotional.”

“Especially for people who have fought for 25 years for this moment. It’s quite amazing. It’s super exciting.”

“We’re really thankful.”

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