gay teen

“Send me the pic of u and ur boy toy.”

A viral tweet from a gay teen in California is giving the Internet all the feels.

Louis Jr. received a text from his father asking for a photo of him and his boyfriend. Louis Sr. wanted the picture of Junior and his “boy toy” to brag about to his co-workers.

Moved by his dad’s message, the 18-year-old decided to tweeted a screenshot of their exchange. The internet’s hearts exploded and the outpouring of love and nominations for Father of the Year came rolling in.

Louis Jr. told Buzzfeed he’s thrilled his dad is getting praised: “I really love the comments towards my dad. Everyone was telling [me] how much they love my dad and [calling him] Father of the Year.”

Louis Sr. said he’s just as proud of his son: “Always. Ever since he came out to us,” Dad wants other parents to support their kids, as well. “We brought them [into] this world, you know.”

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