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See-Saw Films has announced it’s developing a tv adaption of YA graphic novel Heartstopper.

Heartstopper is a romance story between two British teens, Nick and Charlie, who attend an all-boys grammar school. Charlie is high-strung, a worrywart, and openly gay while Nick is cheerful, soft-hearted, and a rugby player. The two usually stick to their own, but they one day are forced to sit together. Nick and Charlie then become fast friends before Charlie falls for his athletic buddy. But is the feeling mutual?

Heartstopper is the first graphic novel by YA novelist Alice Oseman. She created it with the help of artist Emily Hayward Whitlock of The Artists Partnership and in association with Claire Wilson at RCW. The comic was first published through webcomic resource Tapas before being self-published with Kickstarter’s help.

Before Heartsopper, Oseman created a series of YA books, Solitaire, Radio Silence, and I Was Born For This!, which were all also self-published thanks to the help of Kickstarter campaigns. All of Oseman’s works were then published by Hachette Children’s Group and HapperTeen.

Image via Alice Oseman

According to Deadline, Oseman was excited by the tv deal. She says that Patrick Walters, the company’s head of television development and the man who championed the deal, was full of “enthusiasm, love, and understanding” of the series.

“This doesn’t mean something will definitely be made. There are sooo many obstacles to get through yet!! But what I can say is that I am working very closely with a small, incredibly passionate group of individuals at SeeSaw who all care so deeply about Heartstopper,” she tweeted. “This is truly the dream scenario for me and I hope you’re as excited as I am.”

Yes, as Oseman says, the production company has only announced its interest in developing the tv series. They next have to option the rights with networks, streaming platforms, and the like to see if they can truly produce it.

We’ll keep you updated as the project moves forward.


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