Finlay Wilson (right) and fiance Alan / Image via Twitter @Scottishyogaboy

While this year’s Capital Pride was ended by rage and fear, the day had its moments of complete acceptance and love.

By now, we’ve found out that the panicked stampede of people running away from Capital Pride in Washington D.C. this past weekend was due to a man in an arguing couple waving a BB gun around.

But before that chaos caused the early cancellation of this year’s pride parade, the event was as boisterous and happy as any other year. And now that all of this is behind us, the video of one happy moment from earlier in the day is going viral.

Videos of the romantic moment when Scottish yoga master Finlay Wilson proposed to his boyfriend are spreading online.

But who’s Finlay Wilson? Well, Wilson gained fame back in 2017 for his NSFW yoga videos where he teaches his viewers sensual yoga positions to heighten their health and their sexual lives. And he does it all while often wearing a kilt and without underwear.

In the videos, we can see Wilson standing on a float saying, “Alan, ever since we met you’ve been doing everything to make me a better person and I have a very important question for you.”

The crowd then burst into applause as Wilson got off the float and down on one knee. You can watch the moment down below.


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