Warning: Spoilers below concerning the latest episode of The Walking Dead!!

Jordan Woods-Robinson said goodbye to his character Eric and his fans after the character died on the show The Walking Dead.

Woods-Robinson both reflected on his time with the character in two videos that he tweeted out before the character’s death and afterwards as a part of the show’s regular talk back called The Talking Dead.

“I had a question from Chris Hardwick [on Talking Dead] a couple of nights ago, which is amazing, but I’m not quite sure I got to the answer I wanted to,” Woods-Robinson said in the Twitter video, which you can watch below.

“He asked me, ‘What would you like to tell the fans of Eric and Aaron?’

“I would like to say: ‘Thank you for sharing your stories.’

Woods-Robinson says that he and Ross Marquand, who played his on-screen lover Aaron, were often greeted by LGBTQ fans. They would often listen to the life stories of these fans who said they were touched by their portrayls.

“Thank you so much for just sharing your stories with us about why this show is important to you.

“That’s what always made it incredible for me and I’m going to miss that.

“I’m well, I hope you’re well, and now I’m excited to watch this alongside you.”

Again, you can watch the videos down below.

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