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90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord shared a letter this past Friday on social media addressed to Southwest Airlines after the staff from the airline denied a gay couple and their daughters boarding “Family Boarding” time. McCord writes a heartfelt, open letter to Southwest Airlines expressing her distaste with the way this family was treated – calling it “hate”.


According to McCord, the couple was taking their daughters on their first trip and the airline staff had definitely made it a memorable one for them.

Just in May, Southwest Airlines was called out for mistreatment of a same-sex couple trying to board with their 3 children. Some have said the family is at fault since the airline has stated they stopped that family in May from boarding with the “family boarding” since they as well wanted to bring their 83 year old grandmother when they boarding, which seems even just as awful. With all this attention, you’d think Southwest would change their tune!

In her letter, McCord writes:

“When it came time for ‘Family Boarding,’ these little girls were shown what has caused the detriment in our world; hate,” McCord wrote. “They were not allowed to board with the other families and had to watch as their fathers were told that they didn’t count as family.”

“Love is what these wonderful little girls have for their Dads. Love does not separate, it unites,” she added.

I implore you, as a company that seeks to provide a happy experience for all of its customers, to hire individuals who despise hate, not love; who embrace difference, not look down on it.

Here’s the full letter:

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