In a recent interview, gay singer Adam Lambert talked about how things evolved for the LGBT community, yet the music industry is not ready for gay men singing about love for other men.

“I think there have been a lot of things in general that have shifted within the LGBT community and mainstream acceptance,” gay icon told Digital Spy. “There’s not as much of a reason to be scared of it, because people in general aren’t scared of it.” Pictured: Adam Lambert Ref: SPL1203568 050116 Picture by: Imaginechina / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:212-619-2666 London:870-934-2666

However, he wants more, especially when it comes to the music industry that seems slow with the changes.

“It’d be nice if there was more,” he continued. “I think it’ll happen slowly but surely. There are success stories happening and that’s the biggest thing for the music industry. They need to see that it actually works in order for them to feel comfortable with it. The audiences are there for it, but the industry needs to come around a bit more to it. They are, but it’s the last piece.”

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The singer thinks that those who make the big decisions in the music industry are hard to convince when it comes to gay singers singing about gay love.

“Luckily we’re in a moment right now with streaming where there’s more power put back into the artist’s and audience’s hands,” Adam Lambert added. “But the gatekeepers who make a lot of the other big decisions in the music industry, those are the ones hardest to convince on certain things. That’s the reasoning for some of that pronoun stuff.”


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