The It Got Better series features LGBT celebrities telling their stories of being gay and coming out. Among Portia de Rossi, Ian McKellen and other artists, Adam Lambert has participated and shared his story.

So he talked about his childhood, about self-discovery and coming out to his parents. It seems that he was lucky, as his parents were very open-minded.

I think being around the TV with my parents on the couch and us all laughing at the same jokes allowed me to kind of feel comfortable with them and made me realize, “This is probably going to be okay with them,” Lambert recalls after explaining how he and his family were watching together Will&Grace, a show about two gay men.


Adam felt somehow that his parents would understand him, however he did not come out until he finished high-school. In fact, it was his mom who brought the fact to light.

That was the year my mother outed me. Apparently I did not have the balls myself. My mom had to do it for me. (laughs).’

The relief of coming out was amazing:  ‘It was as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders,’ the singer recalls.

We just started laughing about things. I was telling stories, she was telling stories.

Then, he came out to his father whose reaction was relaxed:

“Yeah, yeah we know.” his father replied to Adam’s confession of being gay.

You can watch the whole video below and gain some inspiration!


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