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Model and gay adult film star Aram Giragos (formerly Aram Ramzi) appears in a steamy and sensual new video from out queer artist, “The Hound.”


Recently, The Hound (John Constantine) spoke to the Huffington Post about the inspiration for his new song, “Can’t Let You Go.”

It all started with being asked to perform at a club in downtown LA for a George Michael tribute night, and from there I was getting booked and performing covers of artists I love. While I was producing those tracks, I had some things happen to me that basically inspired this song, which was written very quickly.

His (George Michael’s) passing had a huge impact on me. It was that night that someone was planning a last minute tribute. I was asked if I wanted to sing the next night, and without thinking I said yes. In the morning I woke up and thought, “What the fuck did I just say yes to?” If it hadn’t been for George, I might have cancelled, but I spent the day producing a ballad version of Faith and sang it that night. Since then I’ve been performing a lot.

Before that night, most of my community had no idea I was a performer, even though I had been in a band for 6 years and played at SXSW. We took a hiatus when I moved to LA, and I didn’t really know what I was going to do.

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