Everyday Sunday lead singer Trey Pearson has come out as gay to himself and to the public after more than 20 years of being closeted.

While he was denying his sexuality, Pearson got married with a woman with whom he has two children. After recently coming out as gay, he revealed in a TV show The View why he’s been closeted for so long:

“I grew up in a Christian home and church, where I was taught that God hated homosexuality, and I could choose to be straight.
“I tried for a really long time. I don’t think I was every trying to lie to anyone, I was trying to convince myself I could be something I wasn’t.

“I put all my faith into that, and it’s scary because a lot of the church continues to teach that this is a choice. They don’t realise how damaging it can be.”

He recalls being attracted to guys ever since he was a teenager, and how he tried to deny his feelings.

“I’ve always had attractions to other guys since adolescence, but they’ve always been things I felt really guilty about and horrible about, so I tried to push them down.
“It’s not like I was trying to hope some miracle would happen by getting married [to a woman]… I just put all my faith into thinking that’s how it was supposed to be.”

After coming out, his wife was supportive and even his family.  “The day that my story came out, [my dad] showed up on my porch… he knocked on the door and just hugged me for 10 minutes and told me how much he loved me,” Pearson said.

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