One neighborhood block in Andersonville has decorated their tree-lined street with rainbows for Pride Month.

“It’s really a block effort among all our neighbors,” Jeannette Schar told “We wanted to make a clear, conclusive, and resounding statement that we stand side by side with the LGBTQ community and surround them with our love.”

The Pride Trees are located on the 5400 Block of North Magnolia, in the heart of Andersonville, a diverse and inclusive neighborhood on the North Side.

Schar said the trees “show that even something as simple as groups of trees wrapped with rainbows can bring a sense of unity, connection, and inclusion to a community.”

The tradition started in in 2015 with the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize same-sex marriage. To celebrate the decision, Schar and her then 10-year old daughter, Etta, set out to find rainbow decorations to adorn the outside of their house. They discovered table clothes at the local dollar store, which Etta suggested could be wrapped around their front tree in a rainbow pattern like a flag, and the Pride Tree was born!

The second year in 2016, sadly, was to honor the lives lost in the Pulse shooting in Orlando.

And ever since, it’s become a neighborhood tradition that the entire block participates in. “We gather for breakfast in the morning and decorate trees,” said Schar.

“We are parents to children we want to raise with big hearts filled with respect, humanity, and genuine love and we’re a vibrant and energized group of diverse neighbors and friends who support one another and our community,” she added.

This year, the Andersonville Pride Trees have become a favorite on social media, even generating its own Instagram account.

“Over the years we’ve noticed so many people taking pictures with and of the trees, including a few wedding parties, that we wanted a way to collect and share the joy and encourage others to make their own Pride Trees,” participant and social media coordinator Jim Pawelski told

Check out these photos from Instagram and share your own. (@pridetrees #pridetrees #andersonville) 


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