angry dad

A former football player has proven himself a tremendous ally in the fight for marriage equality in Australia.

Mark Orval, aka “Angry Dad” is known for his no-nonsense takes on topics of various sorts.

But it’s the 49-year-old’s rant on the pending vote on same-sex marriage that’s gone viral in a big way.


When his sons (who also support the fight for marriage equality) bring up the same-sex marriage vote, he responds:

“Don’t f*cking start me on that s*it!

“They’re spending $122 f*cking million on that…to have us f*cking vote as to whether they should allow gay marriage.

“Whose business is it of the f*cking politicians to say who we can f*cking marry and can’t marry?”

Angry Dad firmly believes that politicians have no right in dictating who should be in a relationship with whom, and that stance we definitely co-sign!

He continues:

“$122 f*cking million and here’s us seeing sick kids with cancer today, and people are dying in their f*cking homes ’cause they can’t have operations, and these f*ckheads are spending $122 million.

“$122 f*cking million! Why don’t they take it out of their f*cking superannuation? They won’t do it, ’cause they hide behind parliamentary privilege and all that s*it.”



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