Anti-Gay Preacher

Adam Fannin, a pastor at Stedfast Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, offered some “advice” to members of his congregation, should they want to avoid a “flaming foo-foo fruit loop” waiter.

In a video recently shared to YouTube, he can be heard saying:

“If I ever go to a restaurant, you sit down, and here comes this flaming foo-foo fruit loop, I’m just like, ‘Oh great.’ I’m here to have a date night, enjoy some time with my wife and because of the lisps, I can’t even, you know.

“My recommendation, if you don’t just get up and leave, my recommendation is just don’t order anything.

And if one is hungry and should want to stay?

Fannin said the solution is to, “find a lady that looks like a mom, that looks like a very diligent worker.” Ask her to come over your section, and be sure to tip her well.


In response to the video, one person commented:

“How to avoid a “christian” bigot is a much more pressing issue in the US. They are EVERYWHERE.”

Remarked another:

“Bigotry in the name of jesus is still bigotry.”

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