Justin Trudeau came in power as Prime Minister of Canada last year, and ever since he has been a true support of the LGBT community. His opponents try to make him look bad for this, but actually they made him look pretty cool.


“Justin Trudeau in his boyish enthusiasm for the homosexual agenda fails to understand that he is the Prime Minister of Canada and not the Prime Minister of the Homosexuals,” Gwen Landolt of the ‘REAL Women of Canada’ group said about Trudeau.

She continued attacking PM’s actions of support for the LGBT community. She attacked the latest event in which Justin Trudeau raised a Rainbow Flag from Parliament Hill and said that it was an offensive gesture.

Justin Trudeau

“Raising a homosexual flag on Parliament grounds displays the narrow, extremist, and exclusive viewpoint of the current Liberal government.
“The rainbow flag represents the views of an activist special interest group only.
“To raise this flag is offensive to all Canadians who have knowledge and concern about Canada’s history, culture and traditions.”

Justin Trudeau stands for equality and he is the first Canadian Prime Minister to march at Pride and to raise the rainbow flag at parliament Hill. His Cabinet is made of 50% women because he also believes in gender equality.

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  1. Sounds like Gwen needs to get laid in the worse possible way. I seriously doubt if he gives a rats ass what this bitter bigot has to say about anything. Stay true Justin…

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