Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple and found themselves at the center of a media storm. Three years later, the bakery is closed.


Aaron and Melissa Klein abruptly announced the closure of their Gresham, Ore., bakery three and a half years after they ignited a firestorm by proudly refusing service to a same-sex couple.

Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer were denied a wedding cake from the Kleins, who claimed their “religious freedom” allowed them to turn away the women. The Bowman-Cryers says the Kleins seized the opportunity to exploit the situation and become darlings of the religious right.

sweet cakes

After being fined $135,000 by the Oregon Bureau of Labor for violating the state’s 2007 Equality Act, the Kleins refused to pay and appealed to their supporters, who showered them with over $500,000 in donations. The Kleins still appealed the Bureau of Labor’s decision and the Bowman-Cryers said that, as of last month, they haven’t received a penny in restitution.

Now, the humble bakery has shuttered, Towleroad reports. The bakery’s Facebook page only states, “We have closed Sweet Cakes. We appreciate everyone’s continued prayer and support!”


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  1. In this country it is called discrimination if you could read a recipe you should been able to read the difination of the word discrimination.It is sad we are still fighting this in 2016,we should have been past this by now.No tears,no pity party you were 100% WRONG.Move to third world country and take you hatred with you.

  2. That’s some Cake on the Face.. you deserve every thing that happened to you..

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