Apple has finally announced its latest product, the much anticipated iPhone 7 on Wednesday, and to celebrate the diversity of its consumers, the new launch features a gay couple in its product film.

Apple has always been a huge supporter of LGBTQ rights.
From releasing a rainbow pride flag emoji to speaking up for Australia’s fight for same-sex marriage legalisation, the multi-billion-dollar California company is not only pushing the boundaries of science and tech, but also for the progress of equality among the people.

Apple Unveils iPhone 7

Apple’s new iPhone 7 features new and advanced camera systems, better speed performance and also the best battery life ever in an iPhone.

The display is brighter and more colorful, the speakers have transformed to give a louder stereo effect, and the device is made to be splash proof and water resistant.

You can watch the product film and check out all the updated features on the Apple website.

Watch the new video here:



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