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Every gayborhood has its own unique flair, and judging by Revry’s new show Gayborhood, Chicago’s is particularly colorful.

At least that’s the way it’s being portrayed in the totally-real-but-fake-reality show.

The six episode, full-length show is an over the top take on the current state of reality TV and queer culture – all seen through the lens of a wacky band of friends.

From narcissistic drag queens to sex addicts and “fish out of water” Midwest gay folk, you’re bound to identify with (and possibly be embarrassed for) someone in this oddball crew.

“We are super stoked to launch our 2017 lineup with the hilarious series, Gayborhood,” said Damian Pelliccione, Founder and CEO of Revry. “Colby and Sam are such great filmmakers and we can’t wait to bring their larger-than-life characters to our dedicated audience.”

Check out the trailer below, and head to Revry for more info on how to watch:


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