Save the Arthur hand memes for another day, because the beloved children’s show has fans jumping for joy.

Believe it or not, the animated kid’s series Arthur is still going strong on the air. Right now, it’s currently in its 22nd season on PBS Kids and the show’s premiere is receiving praise for its inclusive storyline.

It turns out Mr. Ratburn, the cake-loving school teacher, is gay. That’s right, in Monday’s premiere episode, the famous character is marrying the man of his dreams. From the feedback on social media, many are rejoicing over the plot.

“Omg I’m crying Mr. Ratburn got married!! Arthur really said gay rights,” one person tweeted about the news. Another fan wrote online, “i’m grown ass is still watching Arthur and y’all, when i saw that Mr Ratburn got married aND HES GAY, my wig got snatched.”

One person perfectly summed it up with their post, “genuinely didn’t know arthur still made new episodes but we stan mr ratburn.”


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