Tom Daley has revealed that he wants to stay handsome and youthful forever. Don’t we all?

The dreamy Olympic diver has revealed he’s not too keen on reaching his 30s.

He even admitted he might consider plastic surgery in ten years time – yikes!

“I’d like to stop myself growing older at 27,” he told The Daily Mail in a recent interview.

“By 27 you’re old enough to be taken seriously because you have some life experience and not too old to no longer have fun.”

The 22-year-old doesn’t have much to worry about though; with a diet and fitness plan like his we’re sure that youthful glow will last much longer than the next five years.

Being the cheeky chap he is, we doubt age would stop him having a laugh too.

The Olympian didn’t reveal how he plans to combat this age-fear he seems to have acquired, but new book Tom’s Daily Plan will no doubt have some great advice.

Tom is currently out and about promoting the new fitness and nutrition book, with tips on how to cram in all the good stuff while you eat and keep fit at the same time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any tips on how to reverse ageing though.


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