Ex-PM Kevin Rudd calls for respectful debate

Ex-Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd tweeted a photo of his bloodied and bruised godson after a vicious homophobic attack.

19-year-old Sean Foster was campaigning for same-sex marriage on Oxford Street in Brisbane when the incident occurred.

According to a Facebook post from Bulimba 4 Marriage Equality, the unidentified perpetrator called out to Foster: ‘I hate fucking faggots!’

To which Foster replied: ‘That’s ok, I don’t like you.’


When the man asked if Foster was calling him a homophobe, he replied yes. That’s when he punched Foster in the head from below, then rushed off.

The incident prompted Kevin Rudd to post a tweet asking for respect during the divisive plebiscite.

He tweeted: ‘So many warnings to Turnbull about what the postal vote could unleash. Now my godson Sean has been punched standing up for #MarriageEquality.’

‘Shame on you’

Many reached out in support of Rudd’s godson, tweeting replies of condemnation to the attacker.

Nathan Brown replied: ‘I’m sorry that this happened to your godson Kevin Rudd. Malcolm Turnbull, you and your party are responsible for this nonsense. Shame on you.’

David Plunkett also replied: ‘We had this crap 2 in Ireland b4 our vote in ’15, it was thanks to people like Sean & Panti Bliss who didn’t keep quiet that equality won.’

Police are calling for any information on the incident.

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