gay love story
Their hearts pounded together like African drums...

After an extremely weird dream about his ex, Dylan woke up to a very sweat soaked bed. He sat up and looked around, wiping his forehead. He couldn’t believe the dream he had just dreamt wasn’t real. He missed Daniel. He loved him. He wanted to be his again. He knew that would never be possible again. Dylan got out of bed and went to his laptop. He was going to write Daniel a message, when he realized he had three unread e-mails from XTheGuyYouNeedx.

gay love story
Dylan got out of bed and went to his laptop. –

He didn’t know who that was. He opened the first e-mail. He started reading…


This is Eric. We have Business II together in Mr. Frenzels class. I know we don’t know each other very well but I heard that you and Daniel are no longer together. I was wondering if maybe you would like to come over after class tomorrow and watch a movie? I can drive you home after. Hit me up and let me know what’s up.


He opened the second e-mail from Eric, it had his phone number attached! Dylan started to get excited. He had always liked Eric but didn’t know that he was gay. The third e-mail simply stated that he was excited to hear back from him. After thinking nervously, Dylan sent Eric a text message saying that he would love to hangout after class.

During class, Eric sat behind Dylan nervously. When class was over, Eric climbed down a row and sat next to Dylan. He asked him if he was ready to go, and Dylan shyly shook his head “Yes”. Once the two got to Eric’s place, Dylan was excited, he loved his car and his house.

gay love story
Dylan was excited, he loved his car and his house. –

Eric lived alone! In a three-bedroom house! Alone! After debating about which movie they would watch, Eric started the movie that they had decided on. Dylan was afraid he was sweating too much. Apparently he wasn’t because just then, Eric put his arm around Dylan.

Dylan thought to himself that he was definitely sweating now. Eric gently rubbed the back of Dylan’s neck with his thumb, which gave Dylan chills all over his body. “Great”, he thought “Now it’s a cold sweat”. Dylan shyly laid his hand on Eric’s leg. He felt the muscles in his leg tense as he held it. Eric reached up and took Dylan’s chin and turned his face toward him. Starting to kiss him, Eric noticed too, just how excited Dylan was. He started to unbuckle his belt, Dylan tried to stop him at first and Eric whispered “You’re Okay” in his ear.

There were clothes all over Eric’s living room. Dylan’s briefs were hanging from a lampshade. Their hearts pounded together like African drums…

To be continued…

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