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We have prepared for you the list of the best gay films that you can see on Netfix. We share with you these movies and hope you will spend a great evening watching them with your partner. Enjoy!

A single man (2009)


This movie directed by Tom Ford is absolutely fantastic. It stars Colin Firth who portrays George Falconer, a gay a man whose partner just died. After the tragic loss, Falconer, an English teacher, becomes extremely depressed. The film depicts a day in his life without the man he loved the most.

Do I Sound Gay (2014)

“One of Summer 2015’s must-see docs” — Entertainment Weekly

“A playful, heartfelt investigation” — Time

“Incredibly thought-provoking and funny. Should be at the top of your ‘to see’ list.” — Indiewire


This American documentary explores speech patters in gay men. Dan Savage, George Takei, David Sedaris, Tim Gunn, and Margaret Cho are part of the film. The documentary/film received positive reviews so it’s a “must-see.”

Tangerine (2015)

This is a comedy-drama that follows the stories of two transgender sex workers, Sin-Dee and Alexandra. Rella finds out that her boyfriend who is also her pimp is cheating on her and Alexandra sings at a bar where she pays to play.

“All Alexandra wants to do, her dreams, her aspirations, are just to get out there and be seen and heard. She’s an artist at heart. She’s an entertainer at heart. She is a transgender woman of color sex worker with so little opportunity due to discrimination and oppression, but she’s still working her hardest just to get her art out there. That was something that was more just a narrative device that I thought really encapsulated her struggle,” the director explained.

Beginners (2010)


Oliver is a young man making his way through life and trying to build a relationship with a woman. Meanwhile, his father has two big announcements to make: he has terminal cancer and he has a younger boyfriend. The film is based on the true story of Oliver Mill’s father who comes out at 75, five years before his death.

Boys (2014)


This coming of age drama focuses on Sieger and Marc, two teenagers, both members of the local athletics team. Sieger lives with his widowed father and his two brothers. The movie follows the romance between two teenagers and the drama that comes in between.

Any Day Now (2012)


Any Day Now centers on a mismatched gay couple in the ’70s, living together and taking in a boy with Down syndrome abandoned by his junkie mother who lives next to them. When police find out about their situation everything gets complicated and mired in homophobia. In the main roles we see Alan Cumming portraying Rudy a drag artist and his boyfriend Paul, a lawyer, portrayed by Garret Dillahunt.

Camp (2003)

This teen flick follows the experiences of a group of teenagers at Camp Ovation, a summer theater camp. The group is diversified, from the gay and the overweight, to the nerds and the genderqueer. Things start to become weird when a straight popular boy joins them.


“It had universal themes of feeling like an outsider, finding a community, acceptance, people who are questioning their sexuality, dealing with body issues. That was relatable on the macro level. And then on the micro level, it got all the musical theater details right, so the people it was really about bought into it as well,” the director said.

Laurence Anyways (2012)


Laurence Anyways tells the love story between a woman (Frédérique) and a man who wants to transition to become a woman (Laurence). Everything happens during ten years. Laurence, as a man, loves very much his girlfriend Frédérique but he feels trapped in his body. He reveals this to Frédérique and she tries to stand by himself to pursue his dream of becoming a woman. Their love don’t cease to exist, but the circumstances are complicated.

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