Credit: Boris Kodjoe Instagram

Hunky actor Boris Kodjoe is known for his work on shows and movies like Soul Food and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

He’s also recognized by many as being one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. There’s clearly no denying that there.

Boris, 46, is more than likely aware of his sex appeal which is why he constantly posts thirsty photos of himself all over his Instagram.

He went above and beyond that last week when she shared an Instagram clip of him getting in a good workout in a t-shirt and pair of shorts.

Boris broke a sweat by jump roping for several seconds, however no one seemed to notice nor care about his fitness regime.


The focus in this situation went right to the front of his shorts which were flopping all over the place during the social media clip.


Here are some of the hilarious comments left after fans got a taste of what he has to offer:

He jumpy.

All y’all need Jesus.

Just keep hopping Boris, just keep hopping.

Frank and beans just flopping.

How I zoom in on videos??? Is it possible?

He didn’t wear no underwear on purpose.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, all.


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