The openly gay fighter said he was tired of the online harassment.

Yusaf Mack used his boxing skills outside of the ring last weekend, attacking a man at a barbershop who he says was trolling him on social media because he’s gay.

TMZ first released footage of the 37-year-old repeatedly punching the man at the L.A. Clippers barbershop in Philadelphia on Saturday as customers and employees watched in disbelief.

Mack reluctantly came out in 2015 after a pornographic movie featuring him in a graphic scene with two other men surfaced online. The former boxer first declared he was drugged and tricked into appearing in the film, but eventually used the opportunity to reveal he is gay.

Witnesses claim that Mack first attacked the alleged homophobe, Hector Echevarria, while his head was in the sink during a wash, and ended the fight by slamming a jar of barber’s tools on his head.

Echevarria returned to social media after the incident to declare that they would soon fight again and then went back to taunting his attacker with more homophobic comments.

“I rather have a video of some [sic] beating me up than a video of someone seeing me take a dick up my ass any day,” he wrote.

Mack remained unfazed by the threat, reportedly sharing that he isn’t sorry for the attack and that the homophobe got what he deserved.


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