Daniel Shaw (L) and Boy George (R) have a testy moment on The Voice Australia (screen capture)Daniel Shaw (L) and Boy George (R) have a testy moment on The Voice Australia (screen capture)

During the premiere of season 8 of the Australian edition of The Voice, coach Boy George stormed off the set after a testy exchange with a contestant.

Daniel Shaw, 20, had just performed “Beneath Your Beautiful,” leading all four coaches to hit their “I Want You’ buttons.

In chatting with Shaw, Boy George inquired if he played guitar.

The young singer shared he “can play guitar, but no one really cares if I play guitar.”

Raising his eyebrows, Boy George replied indignantly, “No one care? I do.”

Curling his lip, BG told the other coaches, “I think after that comment, go with Delta,” gesturing to fellow coach Delta Goodrem.

Boy George became irritated during an episode of The Voice AustraliaBoy George became irritated during an episode of The Voice Australia

Moments later, as coach Guy Sebastian was speaking, the Culture Club frontman stood up, grabbed his cell phone, and stormed off the set.

Cue the dramatic background music.

Apparently, none of the contestants had picked George to be their coach yet.

Watching him storm off, coach Delta Goodrem hesitated before pointing out, “We’ve lost, uh…we’ve lost a coach…”

When a producer Leigh Aramberri ran after him, the ‘Karma Chameleon’ singer yelled back, “F**k off – don’t follow me.”

“I’m annoyed,” he continued. “He turns around and goes to me, ‘Who cares if I play guitar?’ That’s not cool. I’m not going back. F**k off.”

The look on the face of the young singer, who clearly didn’t mean to offend anyone, was painful.

After having some time to cool down, George admitted to Aramberri he misheard Shaw’s reply and was a bit embarrassed about having thrown the diva fit, reports News.com.au.

“I’m good, I’m good,” he told his producer. “I just misheard what was said and I just went; you know when you just go in the moment?”

“I’m back, and I’m ready to fight now, I’m going to have fun,” he added. “Passion – it just takes you to somewhere, sometimes you care too much, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I think that it’s a good thing.”

Watch below.

(source: news.com.au)


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