Jefferson Anderson Feijo da Cruz recovered from a coma after an attack but is unable to walk or speak. Screenshot via Facebook video “Quero contar sobre alguém pra vocês.”

I will never understand how certain people are so filled with contempt for people who are different from them, but apparently, this hate does exist and it often manifests itself into the form of physical violence. Jefferson Anderson Feijo da Cruz, 22, was a victim of such hate as he fell into a coma after a homophobic attack and, while he did wake up from it, is unable to walk or speak, according to Pink News

Cruz was out drinking in celebration of the end of the school year when he announced that he was going to use the restroom, but his friends found him “under a slab, unconscious, bloody, undressed,” and
suffocating in his own blood.” Judging by the fact that they found him undressed, it is safe to assume that he may have also been sexually assaulted.

Since there are no assailants named yet, it is unclear as to why he was assaulted. His relatives, however, speculate that the attack was homophobic in nature. His family also explained that he had to be rushed to the hospital because the injuries to his brain and lungs were so severe that he required surgery. After the surgery, he remained in a coma for a month. Luckily he woke up from it but “did not speak, did not walk, nor express reactions.” This was very difficult to hear as, although not a victim of such a vicious gay bashing, I have suffered from a brain injury which left me comatose and unable to speak or walk, so I can definitely sympathize. 

Because of the extensive care that Cruz will need at home, his parents have set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the necessary services, such as an oxygen balloon, orthopedic boots and gloves, and an articulated bed. His parents are also searching for a speech therapist and physiotherapist to help Jeff regain his functions. 

I don’t live in Brazil so I can’t say this with any certainty, but I’m willing to bet that something this horrible happened as a result of Brazil’s homophobic president who said that he would rather have a dead son than a gay one. Regardless, this should not happen to anyone anywhere and I really do hope that Cruz gets the help that he needs and he recovers most of his faculties.


Source: Pink News


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