Fight over brother’s sexuality was start of deadly rampage

The driver who tore through a Melbourne street killing pedestrians yesterday (20 January) had just stabbed his brother because he was gay.

That’s the new claim by his mother.

Dimitrious (James) ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas, 26, killed four people. And he injured at least 20 more in busy Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia.

Now his mother, Emily Gargasoluas, says her son fought with his brother Angelo, over his sexuality on the day of the attack.
Gargasoluas allegedly stabbed his brother Angelo in the face before embarking on the shocking rampage in Melbourne.

Gargasoulas attacks brother

Trouble flared at around 2.15am on Friday morning at his mother’s home in Windsor, New South Wales.

His mother says she witnessed her son having a fight with with his brother over Angelo’s sexuality.

‘Jimmy keeps saying to me, I’m going to kill all gays and poofters and lesbians,’ Ms Gargasoulas said.

He allegedly stabbed his brother, Angelo, in the face during the fight.

In the same statement, Ms Gargasoulas disowned her son.

‘He’s not the Jimmy I used to know from years back. I don’t want to be known that I’m the mother.

‘Go to hell and die in hell.’


Melbourne driver attack

He then drove around 900kms to Melbourne in a stolen car.
He spent part of the 11 hours between the stabbing and his car attack with his pregnant girlfriend.

Akiir Muo says Gargasoulas took her hostage.

She said: ‘He kept saying “I can’t let you out of my sight, if you don’t come with me I’m going to kill you.”’

She reports he was driving erratically. And he became more and more agitated when he realized unmarked police cars were following him.

It’s unclear precisely what happened but the woman got away at around 11am. Muo claims he pushed her out of the car.
Gargasoulas spent some time in Melbourne’s suburbs. He then shocked onlookers at Flinders Street Railway Station in the center of the city by performing burnouts in his car. He pointed and shouted at passers-by.

The driver then made his way to Bourke Street Mall, one of the city’s main shopping areas. There he ploughed his car through pedestrians at around 1.50pm.

He was only subdued when police shot him in the arm.
Police took him into custody. He is now recovering from non-life-threatening injuries in hospital under their supervision.

Gargasoulas known to the police

Police already knew of Gargasoulas. They had bailed him for a range of drug, assault and psychological issues.

He made a series of frightening statements on Facebook over the last week.

One posted on Monday reads: ‘I declare war on tyranny today you dogs will have the option to either believe in me and his positive energy he offers and stay faithful to me or serve the one who enslaves you at his feet.’

Netizens have posted speculation online that the attack was terror-related. But Victoria’s Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton does not agree.

He said: ‘This individual is not related to any counter-terrorism or any terrorism-related activities. He is not on our books as having any connection with terrorism and we’re not regarding this as a terrorism-related incident.’

Gargasoulas apparently struggled to deal with the break-up of his parent’s marriage as a young boy. He split up with the mother of his own three children. His girlfriend, Muo, is due to have his baby daughter in March.

Dimitrious is the Greek version of the name James and Gargasoulas also goes by the nickname Jimmy.


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