Bronze dildos and jade butt plugs were among a collection of 2,000 year old objects found during a recent archeological dig in China.

Archaeologists may have just uncovered what may be some of the world’s oldest dildos.

After a recent dig in the Jiangsu province of China, a large assortment of objects were discovered and believed to be around 2,000 years old.

Among the objects, which were found in the tombs of 2,000 year old aristocrats, wealthy elites and royalty, were bronze dildos and jade butt plugs.


Speaking to IFL Science, exhibition curator Fan Zhang revealed that the dildos were more likely used to seal the body and stop any leaks after death during the Han dynasty rather than as sex objects.

“Basically, it is to maintain qi,” Zhang states. “The most important orifice was the mouth, and we have a beautiful example of a mouth seal in the shape of a cicada in the exhibition.”

However, researchers are also certain that some of the dildos would have been used as strap ons.


“They were definitely made for use,” Zhang adds. “We can speculate based on their various bases how they were worn… though it’s not clear if they were designed for men or women.”

“The phallus without the ring form was likely for a man since it was found in a king’s tomb.”

The artifacts will be going on display for the first time outside of China in the Tomb Treasures exhibition at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.


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