Burger King Germany is celebrating Pride month with a new ad starring Dima and Alvar, an Eastern European couple from a country where gay marriage is illegal.

In the ad, Burger King flies the lovely bear couple to Germany, where gay marriage is legal, to tie the knot.

The burger chain surprised the couple with diamond engagement rings — made from a Whopper’s carbonized ashes.

When the big moment finally came, the wedding officiator asked Alvar if he would take Dima as his lawfully wedded hus-bear, he responded: “I absolutely f*cking do.”

Watch the ad, below:
“Guests are free to choose how they enjoy their Whopper in any country — whether with onions or an extra portion of cheese, the choice is theirs,” said director of marketing at Burger King Deutschland, Klaus Schmäing. “Together with Dima and Alvar, we would now like to show that every person should have the opportunity to freely decide. Especially when it comes to love.”


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